Much counseling and therapy is talk-based. Visuals can be considered an evocative strategy for talking. Therapists and counsellors can easily use them to explore what's happening in their client's life, their feelings, etc. They can provide a window into the life of a person with mental health issues and/or communication problems.

The Orchard’s Bird resources as analytical tools

Shift your focus - Ochard's Bird coloring page - visuals
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In this article you can read some of the feedback I received from therapist Katrien Peters. Katrien now often uses the ‘Magical Tree’ image for therapy. This image, present in the Orchard's Bird coloring book, has been specifically designed as an analytical resource for psychotherapists.

Visuals in adult therapy: feedback from Viacolumbus

‘The Magical Tree’ illustration has been designed in such a manner it can be used as an analytical/evocative/metacognitive tool that speaks to the inner child of adult clients. Katrien told me these goals were reached. Great to hear! She said the visuals invited to reflection and triggered the clients’ imagination. Clients also reported that they enjoyed the magical appearance of the fantasy scenes. Thank you for this wonderful compliment!

Visuals in child therapy: feedback from Viacolumbus

Katrien also tested an adapted version of the ‘Magical Tree’ drawing with children. For example: to exlore the child’s relationships. She said the drawing engaged children in a meaningful way. As to the coloring activity: for the young ones the ‘the magical tree’ images were to big, which lead to them not finish coloring and thus only color part of the image. The ‘treble clef’ image however, developed for younger children and older people, was perfect for the young ones. The image, however, was not intended as an analytical resource and therefore has little added value in psychotherapy. Katrien has not yet been able to test the product in children with psychomotor retardation.

About Katrien Peters – ViaColumbus

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Katrien works as a therapist and coach for both parents and children. She specialized in ASD/autism and also organizes workshops and trainings such as mindfulness workshops, social skill trainings, resilience and self-control trainings,… Katrien often uses visuals or visual representations as an evocative strategy for talking. Want to know more? Visit Katrien’s websiteWhat's more, Katrien, who is a mom to 2 children, recently started a new exciting and innovating project for busy moms who can’t see the wood for the trees anymore. If you’re one of those moms, I’d say go check it out!

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