Coping and therapy resources for individuals dealing with stress, hypersensitivity, anxiety and/or social communication problems.

Coping/therapy resources with a visual component

Orchard's Bird suggests a ‘focus-shifting’ potential of relaxing and fun activities that include specific (and ‘positive’) (audio)visual entertainment and positive anticipation components. Additionally, Orchard's Bird believes that illustrations can also provide a window into the life of a person with mental health issues. Much counseling and therapy is talk-based. Images can be considered an evocative strategy for talking. Images can evoke storytelling. Therapists and counsellors can easily use them to explore what's happening in their client's life, their feelings, etc. 


The first product is here!
copyright Falke Bogaerts The first Orchard’s Bird product was recently published! A coloring book for adults (and kids >9y :))! A bundle full of magical feel-good illustrations, thought-provoking words and abstract drawings. Coloring pages you can easily frame and bring into play as a daily motivator or hopeful reminder of planning and looking forward to fun things. Certain illustrations can open up conversations and can easily be used by (child) therapists and counsellors to explore their current situation, feelings, etc. 

To raise the corner of the veil: the following product is a therapy resource for children (with HS, ASD,…) who battle anxiety. 

Ultimately, Orchard’s Bird hopes to cooperate with medical organizations to target groups that suffer from anxiety or stress that is (directly or indirectly) related to with a physical condition/disability/limitation/trauma. Orchard’s Bird also has an innovative app in mind for people battling an anxiety or post-traumatic stress disorder (whether or not combined with anxiety related to a physical condition/limitation). Hopefully, this app can be turned into reality in the future!

Meanwhile, some occupational therapists, psychologists and other therapists in Belgium are using the first Orchard's Bird's products and test samples. Interested?!