how nature impacts our wellbeing

Our sensory experiences, and therefore our environment, influence our stress levels. A growing body of research shows that access to green spaces or regular visits to natural surroundings positively impact our stress hormone levels and mood. It is also said to reduce people’s tendency to ruminate. A walk in nature may thus soothe the mind and improve our mental wellbeing.

Do you get buzzed on the smells of nature? Fresher air, natural scents and eye-catching green settings are clear influencers when it comes to happiness and positivity. But exposure to nature not only improves our mental wellbeing, it also impacts our physical wellbeing. For example, it can reduce our blood pressure and stress hormone level. Besides, getting outside forces us to get a little exercise. Stressed out? Want to clear your head? Go out for a walk. Enjoy the fresh air and engage with nature!

Being amongst nature or taking a hike can do wonders! How much time do you spent in natural surroundings?

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