The quest for a suitable coping resource

Persons that suffer from anxiety or stress often struggle finding relaxing (home) activities that effectively shift their focus. Both mental and physical struggles or symptoms can complicate the quest for a suitable coping resource. When there is a lack of clarity about our symptoms, a lack of structure in our daily routine, an abundance of worries, and so on..  we look for ways to cope, to keep ourselves busy and shift our focus. We try to figure out ways to relax, to focus on something positive and purposeful, and to look forward in a positive manner. Then again we need to keep up with our physical health, need to make sure our environment isn’t too stressful, we need to make sure we can still pay the bills or get our diploma,… it's a lot at once. 

It’s all about your focus

Literally. Stress can partially be reduced by (audio)visual distractions.

And figuratively. Positive anticipation is without doubt a key ingredient of happiness. We all need something positive to focus on, something to look forward to.

However, it’s not always easy to figure out the balance between your wants and needs. When dealing with stressful situations, it’s a matter of planning relaxing and goal-oriented activities, creating positive and purposeful thoughts and focusing on those thoughts

All Orchard's Bird products will therefore combine a(n) (audio)visual component and a relaxing activity, which may or may not allow customers to generate a usable end product. The first product is a coloring book for adults, in which nature and positivity represent the key themes.