Dealing with stress, anxiety or other uncomfortable feelings? Coloring while focusing on positivity, fun plans, happy memories, ... and in the meanwhile (maybe also) listening to your favorite feel-good music... The 'right' focus can make the coping process and the 'big steps' easier.

Orchard’s Bird created a coloring book for adults with a very positive vibe. A coloring book that is intended to shift your focus when dealing with stressful situations.

Coloring book for adults

Visual entertainment

  • A mixture of magical hand-drawn feel-good-illustrations and abstract drawings (diversity)
  • Feel-good-illustrations with your own fairytale story behind them (creativity)
  • Thought-provoking words that are intented to help shift your focus (positivity and positive anticipation)


Relaxing activity

  • Coloring difficulty level: medium
  • In general the drawings are not too crowded
  • Varied line patterns in the illustrations for people who have difficulties focusing on busy patterns
  • Playful thick hand-drawn lines to make it a little more pleasant for persons with fine motor skills difficulties and people with slightly reduced vision
  • Happy themes: positivity, fun and hope
  • Nature as a key component (and thus; green and sky-blue as key colors - most sensitive and therefore 'comfortable' colors for the eye :))


Shift your focus - Ochard's Bird coloring page
An Orchard's Bird Coloring page - Copyright Falke Bogaerts

Usable end result

  • Examples: Ability to frame your results, to turn them into a hopeful motivator or daily reminder to shift your focus in a positive manner, etc ...


Considering to buy the first Orchard's Bird coloring book for adults? Send an e-mail to Don't forget to mention whether you are a therapist or not.