About Falke Bogaerts

Falke is an entrepreneurial problem-solver with a Master of Science in Clinical Molecular Sciences. Since communication is key to success in this digital era, as a stepping stone, she became a self-employed copywriter and proofreader. In the meanwhile, she is working as a science teacher. She loves research, writing and creating things, but what she loves most of all is helping and motivating people.

Falke believes that mental and physical health should not be thought of as separate. She wants to stress that the interplay of ‘unfortunate’ experiences, hypersensitivity to sensory stimuli and the presence of specific physical conditions, fatigue and nutritional deficiencies (e.g. anemia) should not be underestimated. Falke is blessed with a very optimistic and self-confident mindset. No matter what, she wants to help people that are battling anxiety/PTSD and/or are having difficulties coping with their hypersensitivity to physical and sensory stimuli.

Recently, Falke started a side-project 'Orchard's Bird'. She wanted to create different forms of coping resources for dealing with stressful situations and explore the potential of (audio)visual entertainment/distractions therein. Falke is a strong supporter of multidisciplinary approaches to treating and assessing research in physical and mental disorders. Later, she would like to contribute to the development of a multidisciplinary support system and therapy programme for people battling anxiety and stress disorders, whether or not disease-related.